Make Your Own (No Sew) Baby Wrap


I absolutely love my baby wrap, and I can't tell you how many compliments I get on my baby wrap.  Everywhere I go, people ask me where I got it and they're shocked when I tell them that I made it.  Then when I tell them how I did it, they gasp.  This is the easiest thing to do.  The best part is that these are surprisingly comfortable for both baby and mommy.  I have tried other baby carriers and they just don't compare.  When I need to run a lot of errands, I tie this on before I leave the house and I can go all day without pain.  The babies love being close to mommy and it's very calming.  My little girl sleeps extremely well when wrapped up.

Here's how you make it:
  • Buy 6 yards of jersey (t shirt) fabric.  You buy jersey because it's stretchy, it breathes well, and it doesn't fray.  You buy 6 yards because once you wash it, it will shrink a little bit and may make it hard to tie it in front.  You can always cut away excess later.
  • This fabric should be 60" wide.  Cut the fabric lengthwise every 20" and that's it.   Simple enough.  This will give you three wraps which makes it a great gift idea.

Here is a video tutorial which shows my preferred method of wrapping, but there are several different ways to wrap your baby and you can find them on youtube.


Jenny Lynn said...

I a tad jealous that there are so many new inventions for today's moms. I know I would have loved using this, better than what I did use.

Natasha and Jesse said...

I found this post on Pinterest and I'm due with our first baby in July. I've been wanting a baby wrap, but all the ones in the store are so expensive! This is one I could make! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing how to do this, I currently own a baby bjorn and it hurts my back sooo bad after just an hour of holding baby. Do you know what the weight capacity for this is?

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