Giving a Personal Touch to your Applique Quilt


Digital Scrapbooking saves the day again!

No, I didn't do this quilt.  My mom and her sisters made this quilt for my grandparents, but I did get to put a bit of my own handiwork into it.  It came in a kit with all the fabric they would need and then they divided the work between them.

My grandparents have a beautiful cabin where we spend family reunions and this was the perfect gift for it, but it wasn't perfect.  Underneath the horseshoes is a Bingo game applique.  Our family plays our own games and my aunt decided she wanted to personalize it.  That got me thinking.  There were a lot of things on this quilt that weren't apart of our experiences at the cabin and as a family.  We go fishing, ride four wheelers, do work projects, and a slew of other things.

The wonderful thing about applique quilts is that you can make your own appliques.  It was super easy.

I made all of these images through Photoshop Elements and a few others.  I just took basic online images and tweaked them to the way we wanted them to look.  They didn't need to be fancy, it was just a template for them to cut their fabric.

 And this is how it turned out and I love, love, love it!

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