Plan of Salvation Diagram


Well, there's not a whole lot to say about this other than I made this Plan of Salvation Diagram for your printing pleasure.

A while back I made a different diagram.  You can see the original post here.  Camie, before she joined the blog, had made it and sent me the images for me to copy.  I loved it because it was great for my kids and we could use it to play games.

There are a few reasons why I wanted to make this new one.
  • My kids are still young, but they are growing fast.  I wanted to have something that they could put in their scriptures
  • I'm also serving in Young Women and it was a great way for the girls to pass off one of their Faith value experiences. 
  • I think that it's something that could be a great (and more portable) missionary tool.
  • (I wish I had thought if it sooner) It would be a great addition to an Easter basket.

Hope you enjoy it.

And just so you know, I will be selling the enlarged images, game pieces, and game questions so that you will be able to play this game with your family or in your ward calling.  Coming to our 'Shop' when I get some time on my hands.

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