"...always remember him."


During the sacrament we promise to "always remember him". It's hard to remember him when the kids are only quiet when the bread or water is actually in their mouths. I caught myself saying to my children, "It's time to think about Jesus," but children need visuals!
I made this sacrament time book for my primary class a couple of years ago and expanded it for my family. Images of the Savior (lds.org) through his birth, life, death, resurrection, and appearance to the American continent. I also went through my own books, pictures, and Ensigns to find other images of the Savior. The council in heaven, creation, and appearance to Joseph Smith. I have seen others who have taken the same idea with 3x4 Greg Olsen cards with a ring through them.
My kids know that when the sacrament in going around that I am going to pull out this folder because it is time to focus on our Savior. My children love it. My 2 year old just wants to show me that he knows who Jesus is by pointing at him in every picture. My 5 year old wants to learn the stories behind the pictures. And I've noticed that as my husband and I have looked through the pictures with them that we are thinking more about him as well.

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Ready1 said...

I LOVE the large format of this book. Thanks for sharing. In addition to the pics from magazines, did you print the pictures from LDS.org or did you use up your gospel art kit?

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