For the Strength of YOU


I just attended a women's symposium for my stake. The theme was "For the Strength of You" and we all received our own pamphlets. These have been made specifically for the Young Men and Young Women's program, but it's standards are for all. As I was looking through it, I thought that this would be a great tool for FHE. They have several topics that can be taught to all ages. Sexual Purity and Dating are topics that can be held off until they are age appropriate. There are pictures, they are short, and they are gospel essentials. For the next 16 weeks, I will be teaching my young children the vital values they need not only in their youth, but throughout their lives.

"We promise that as you keep these standards and live by the truths in the scriptures, you will be able to do your life’s work with greater wisdom and skill and bear trials with greater courage. You will have the help of the Holy Ghost. You will feel good about yourself and will be a positive influence in the lives of others. You will be worthy to go to the temple to receive holy ordinances.
These blessings and many more can be yours." - The First Presidency, For the Strength of Youth.

Click here for the pdf file. Click here to for a free pamphlet from the Distribution Center.

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