Latter-day Memory


My sister just sent me this idea and I couldn't wait to share it with everyone...and to make one for my family! A latter day memory game. In this case, I used the Latter Day Prophets, but this would be great with any topic or gospel images. You can get the images here. Just click on Church History for the Joseph Smith picture and General for the remainder (you need to find Pres. Monson elsewhere).

If memory is a little too juvenile for your family, try making it into a "Guess Who" Game! My cousin did this same thing with family members and I thought it would work well for this too. Purchase a new or used "Guess Who" Game and replace their images with those of the prophets. Then make the cards to go with it, and you have a cool game. Married couples could enjoy playing it with trivia questions!

Here's my work in progress for Latter Day Prophet Memory Game.

A little bit of laminating, and we're good to go! Here's the front and back shot. This'll be a great way for my kids to learn their Latter Day Prophets! Special thanks to Camie and Lexie!

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