Priesthood Organization


The Gospel Principles manual is another great FHE tool. The lessons are geared to introducing investigators and new converts to the gospel principles (hence, the title). This is why the lessons in this manual are great for teaching our children. Unfortunately, there aren't ideas to keep the children occupied. This requires a little planning and creativity. However, Chapter 14 is on Priesthood Organization. This can be a loaded topic for our children, but the manual give this diagram which can be done in a couple of ways. You could simply print this image off and have the children color it. For a little older children you could remove the words and have the children find which space goes with which name. Or you could do what I did.
I printed the image on to three different color papers. Brown for the "roof", cream for the "walls", and gray for the "steps". Then I cut out the images and laminated them. This way the children can put it together like a puzzle or can build it starting with the "foundation".

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