We Shall See


One of my favorite classes in high school was sewing.  Not because it was "an easy A" but because I really enjoyed the sewing.  I wasn't good by any means.  I sewed my homecoming and prom dresses, but I always needed my mom to help me with the sleeves, the invisible zippers, and the hem.

So, at the end of my senior year, I decided to make a quilt.  It was very simple, of course, at the time it seemed very complex and I thought that I would never finish it.  It's the colorful one that makes a diamond effect.

Later I made two jean patch quilts
(as you can see) and two rag quilts.  All of these were large patches and very basic and one of the rag quilts was a baby quilt and pretty small.

It's been a few years since I've been at the sewing machine and I had never felt like I had a reason to go back.  But when I was on vacation, I was introduced to this!
My mother has recently decided to get quilting again and had purchased a ton of books and patterns.  She was so excited to start quilting again, as we all are when we get in project mode, and was showing me all these books and patterns with pride.  I love a good quilt, but I'm not really into the country look and let's face it, most quilts look country.  They were all very nice...and then she turned the page and I saw this gorgeous quilt (the top one).  I had to have it.  The colors, the fabrics, the details...I wanted that exact quilt.

Now I obviously wasn't going to be able to get this at a store, so I'm making it.  I bought the fabric, cut it, and I'm getting my sewing machine maintenanced so that I can get going.

When I'm done, I think I may make a quilt for all my boys, but I better not get too ahead of myself.  This quilt is still pretty simple, but it is still more complex than anything I've done previously.  We shall see if I can pull it off!

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