In a Bind?


Well, I finished the top and back of my quilt, got them quilted, and now I am working on the binding.  That's where I had a real problem.  I had never bound a quilt before.

All of my previous quilts were either rag quilts (where you leave the ends ragged) or I cheated by making the back bigger and wrapping it around and sewing it with the sewing machine.  But this, in my mind, is my first official quilt and I wanted to do it right.  So, I called my cousin Connie, and she sent me the link to this tutorial and I just had to share it.

Thanks to this tutorial, I have my binding attached and I am now doing the hand-stitching!  This will take me some time, as I have never done this before either, but I will have it done soon and ready to showcase.

Check out the tutorial here.

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