The Proclamation


I found a type up that Heather from the Modern Hive of The Family: a Proclamation to the World and loved the way it looked.

 Before I start there is something you should know about me... I have irrational fears. It's crazy but there you go. I have a hard time taking something and changing it.I feel like the craft police are goin to come and get me for not using an item as it was intended for or buying it and changing it. {please tell me that someone else has this too??}

I'm trying to get over that.

Here is what I did....
I found a frame that I like. I got this one at Walmart for $8.00. I liked it because it was wood and I could paint that really easy,

I decided to do black paint so away I went.

Now, not that this ever happens to any of you... but if you have a catastrophe in your house, oh I don't know say the toilet over flows because some little boy way over filled it with toilet paper... and you are not done yet, and you really don't have the time at the moment to wash your brush out..... Just cover your paint and paint brush with some clear wrap. This will keep the paint and brush from drying out.
{not sure why the pictures in my kitchen always come out yellow..}Here is a little more of what the Proclamation looks like. I like the modern feel to it.

I out lined the paper in black because I knew that this would probably be hung on a white wall. This way it will stand out a little more.

All in all I like the way it tuned out. Next time I would probably distress the edges, I just didn't have time this time because it was a gift that I didn't want to have to mail and we were packing.

Oh, and guess what!!!! The craft police did not come!

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