Friday's Feature {No Soliciting Sign}


We are happy to announce Friday's Feature. Every Friday we will be spotlighting a creation from another blog/site. There are a lot of amazing crafts and ideas out there in the blogging world that deserve to be shared.

Like many of you, we find that no matter how much we may love and appreciate an idea, we don't always have the time or desire to do them all ourselves.  This will give us the opportunity to showcase another persons talents, that our readers will enjoy, with the ability to choose when and if we will do the project ourselves.

We will be doing our own blog hopping in order to find these treasures, but feel free to submit your own or another person's idea.

For my first Friday's Feature, I wanted to show this idea from Jenny's Creative Fix.  Personally, I don't feel bombarded with solicitors on a constant basis, but I thought this was a very beautiful way of telling them to "back off".  I loved this idea because it was such an simple fix with few supplies needed.  Super easy and it looks great!

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