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These are all the rage nowadays and it's no wonder why.  They are extremely convenient to have on hand, they are so adorable and stylish, and they super easy to make. Especially with all of the tutorials out there. 
So, when Karena told me she was pregnant with her first girl I knew what I would be making for her to have. Lucky for me, she was in town this past weekend and helped pick out the fabric.  Don't you just love what she ended up going with!  It's so bright and happy.  We used the flower buttons to embellish the straps.

Here is what I did for Karena's cover:  (Note: There are a ton of tutorials online that give you some great step by step directions on how to make these covers.)
I laid the fabric out on top of each other and cut out the shape that I wanted for the cover.  I used a cover that had been given to me as my template.  You measurements will roughly be 40.5" X 33".  As you can tell in the photo above I went with rounded corners.  Click here on how to accomplish that.
After I trimmed the fabric I placed the two pieces on top of each other with the right sides facing in and sewed them together making sure to leave a small opening to turn the fabric right side out.  Once I sewed the fabric together and turned it right side out, I ironed the edges flat.  Make sure you fold the raw edges of the opening into the inside of the cover to create a nice smooth edge, then iron down.
Then, I went around the entire cover and did a top stitch.  This helps to keep the edges of the cover together and closes the opening.
Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the bands that I made.  (My girls were being a bit of a distraction and the thought slipped my mind.)  But, here is what we did to embellish them a little. 
We added some brown polka dot ribbon to create a bow and placed the flower buttons in the middle of the bow.  I also added some little rhinestones to the center of each button, because every girl needs to have a little bling.  Besides it made the buttons that much cuter. 
I also added this little rhinestone button with a ribbon down at the bottom of the carrier to indicate which was the front side of the cover.  And that's it. I absolutely love the color combination that Karena went with and think this will be perfect for my new little niece. 

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Connie said...

Love it, especially the embellishments on the straps!

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