My take on The Bustle Skirt


I had previously purchased these purple sweaters to go with some other dresses that I had gotten for my girls and decided they would be prefect for this skirt too.  So, with the color purple in mind I went with this lovely, lovely olive green color.  I decided that I wanted to have some matching hair clips to go with everything, so I picked out some coordinating material and tulle.

I went with a cotton/poly blend material from Hancock Fabrics and got it for $1.99 a yard. For the hair clips I just went with an eighth of a yard on all the material.  Total cost for everything was under $5.00.  Love that!
Here are the final results:
I decided to make some decorative pins to put on their sweaters to help tie everything together (as seen above).  The hair ties will look just like the pins, only smaller.  The white shirts are a little stark, but I didn't want to spend the next two weeks scouring the stores hoping to find a matching top!  I also wish I had added a few more "bustles to my skirts to fill them in a bit more, but  all in all I think they are adorable and will look great come Easter.


Camille @ Camille's Casa said...

Sooo gorgeous!! I totally need a little girl to dress up:)

elizabeth said...

I love the green color....they look great!

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