Everyone Needs a Mustache!!


I love chocolate.... in any shape and form. These were so easy to make!!
I used the melting chocolate... I found that it sets better and stays solid once it's set than just regular chocolate chips. But if that's what you have on hand by all means use that.

So Melting Chocolate, and sucker sticks. Yup, that's it!! I did draw out a template just so I had something to follow the first couple times.

On a flat service lay some wax paper down. I put mine on a cookie sheet so I could put it in the fridge {So it would set faster and I could eat it.... share it} While you are doing this melt your chocolate by following the direction on the bag.
Lay out your sticks. You'll want to make sure you have enough room between each one so you don't end up with two mustaches on one stick.
You can use a pastry bag or even a baggie with the tip cut. Start drawing your mustaches, make sure that you cover the stick. You'll want to pick the stick up a little so you get chocolate all the way around it.
 These make cute toppers for cupcakes. {Oooo what a cute Father's day idea!}

 They are even better to play with!!!
 For boys of all ages!

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