Mod Podge Clipboard and Matching Mini Clipboard


When I saw this adorable "Post It" mini clipboards tutorial, I thought they were perfect for "end of the year" gifts for my kid's teachers.  I was already planning on making the clipboards and thought that a mini, matching clipboard was the perfect addition.

I also made myself a set to have around my workspace and it's come in very handy.  They make a great decorative, as well as functional, addition to the space.  I am really happy with they way they turned out.

One tip:  When I went to Chili's to get some coasters they told me that they only have them during a special they have during April.  So, I just used the back of a legal pad for my mini clipboard base.  It's the same idea and I think is a little more sturdy than the coasters would've been.  Plus, I didn't want to run to a bunch of restaurants asking if they had 3 coasters they were willing to give me.  One legal pad was enough to make all my mini clipboards.

My boys can't wait for the end of the school year for a more worthwhile reason now!

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annies home said...

so super cute love it perfect for my desk and fridge as you can till you have inspired me and I will be trying it for sure

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