More Fabric


Remeber that fabric needs to be in my mail box by June 1st. 
 (I only need fabric from Nikki, JaLesha, Katie N., Tori, and Kristi.)
Thanks ladies!  All of the fabric we've gotten so far is super cute!

From Joyce:

From Carrie:

From Connie:

From Allie:


Nikki said...

Ok, just to set the record straight, I did not receive any emails saying that I was even in the swap or not. JaLesha had to forward me everything and I just got the email that we needed fabric by June 1st yesterday. JaLesha and I went shopping today and I will have the fabric dropped off or sent in by June 1st at the latest. I will check the blog more because this is the first time that I have gotten on in a long time. I thought since I sent in my email that I would have received info that way. Sorry about all the miscommunication. I really am very reliable.

Camie said...

Sorry about that. I sent an email to you twice, but I must have made a mistake with the address. If you need more time just let me know.


Camie said...

P.S. Sorry I'm late responding to this comment. I've been out of town and Karena just had her baby.

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