My take on The Shirt Dress


These dresses are so much fun to make!  I've had a really hard time not spending every waking minute making fun things like these for my girls. Needless to say they are very addicting!

I made this one from a womens 1X size shirt.  I couldn't pass up the fun bright colors.

I made the exact same style for my other little girl out of a mens shirt.  You can't tell in the picture, but there are small blue and purple pin stripes mingled with the green. 

After I made the first two dresses I started to play around with the pattern and ended up adding some things on my own. 
On the dress above I decided it needed some fun little sleeves.  In fact I almost didn't bother putting the band around the waist.  It looked so cute without it.

I decided to keep this one really simple.  I didn't want to take away from the pattern and amazing colors of this shirt.  I simply shortened the sleeves and added a band to cinch at the waist.  This is one of my favs!

However, this next one is by far my favorite. 
I love the design of this dress and the way it looks on my baby. 
I also wanted to keep this one simple, so instead of adding a band with a different color for the waist, I stuck with some of the original shirt fabric.  And instead of making it with three straps I decided to have the band be a single tie.  Then I added some simple white bands on the sleeves to accentuate the tie at the waist.  I love this dress so much!

This time around I just wanted a cute little shirt with some fun ruffle sleeves and a small ruffle at the bottom.  This one is so cute on!

This was my attempt at a little baby doll tank top.  I think it turned out alright, considering I had to tweak the pattern several times.  This was also made out of a womens L size shirt.  I was even lucky enough to find two of the exact same shirt at the same thrift store, so I made two of these for each of my girls.  I'm planning on making some ruffled white skirts so they can wear these to church.

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Connie said...

Cute! Love them all!

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