Friday's Feature {Winger's Sticky Fingers}


I am featuring this blog for very personal reasons.  My husband and I have lived in 6 different states within our 9 years of marriage.  Yes, it's been crazy.  But there is always something we miss from the places we've lived.  THE FOOD!

The first place we lived was in Utah where I miss Winger's Sticky Fingers!  Luckily, most of our family lives in Utah, but we don't always have time to go eat at my favorite places.  Now I can have this one whenever I want!  Check it out at Favorite Family Recipes!

Just for fun, here is a list of some of our favorite places:

Utah- Winger's, Zupas, The Mandarin
Illinois- Pizzeria Uno (the original in downtown Chicago), Portillo's
Ohio- Gold Star, Graeter's, Montgomery Inn
Iowa- Didn't live there long enough to find out
Arizona- Matta's, Golden Canyon, Nielsen's Frozen Custard
Texas- So far, Raising Canes and Genghis Grill

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