Easy Ice Cream!


Holy smokes... you will not believe how easy this is!! I'm serious- you will be amazed!

I am all about the frozen treat in the summer time! I currently live in Florida and the humidity is oppressing, so to over come that I keep a well stocked freezer of yummy things!

Ok enough talk, on with it...

What you will need...
1 Pint Heavy Whipping Cream
1 can Sweeten condensed milk

{Yup... that's it!}

Put the whipping cream in your mixer and beat it until stiff peaks form. You want them really stiff. Once you have that open a can of sweeten condensed milk and fold it in. Put it in a container that you can freeze.

Here is the hard part. You have to wait... It has to be totally frozen... a good 6 hours.

Want some different flavors?? Mix in some chocolate sauce... Toss in some chocolate chips....{add some mint flavoring with that}... fold in some raspberries.... After you put it in your container swirl in some caramel sauce.... really the possibilities are endless!!

{psst.... you really do have to wait the whole time... so no peeking!}

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