Refashioned Cami {Strip Skirt}


I made these dresses for my girls clear back in June.  I had made a tie for their daddy to wear on Father's Day and I thought it would be fun to have the girls in dresses that matched that tie.  Since I had some white camis on hand, courtesy of Andee Lew Clothing, I thought I'd make some little strip skirts that I could attached to the bottom.  Then, I made some little shrugs to go over the top.  (That tutorial and pattern for the shrugs can be found here.)
I got all of the fabric for this project (minus the shrugs) in quarter bundles. which I cut my strips from as seen below.
Once my strips were cut, I laid them out in the order I wanted and sewed them together into one long piece.
Before I sewed my ends together I cut my piece of fabric in half.  My girls are still very little and don't require much fabric for a skirt.  I also measured out some strips to go along the top and bottom of the skirt.
I just did a simple roll hem and then attached each strip to the top and bottom of the skirt.
Once I had the bottom strip on I then sewed my ends together creating the actual skirt.
For the strip that will act as the waist band I made sure to measure it on the cami first.  I wanted a streamline look and wanted it to fit perfectly, so I simply laid the fabric strip on top of the cami and marked the the width of the waist onto the fabric itself.
I then hemmed my waist band and pinned it to the top of the skirt as seen below.
And here is what the skirt looks like all by itself.
Once my skirts were made I simply pinned them (very carefully) onto the outside portion of the cami and sewed it in place.
I actually made matching hair bows to match, but my girls have destroyed them and I need to make new ones. But, beyond that little mishap I'm really happy with how they turned out.

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