Creative Inspirations From Hobby Lobby


If you are the type of individual who needs to see something that's already been made in order to jump start your own creative juices, then I highly recommend that you start collecting some of Hobby Lobby's Creative Inspirations pamphlets.  Not only are they chuck full of fun ideas and projects, but they are also free.  BONUS!! 
These great pamphlets give you several creative options that involve the same main crafting supply.  For example in the picture below you can see some of the different ways that an ordinary clothes pin can be used to create a large variety of projects. 
You can even find some helpful hints and step by step tutorials on how to create some of these unique looks, depending on the project that is being showcased.
For some reason I just barely discovered these little gems.  Probably because I spend most of my time at Hobby Lobby fighting my girls and trying to run in and then right back out.  But, in case you're like me and haven't known about Hobby Lobby's Creative Inspirations simply go to their store and look for them in any of their crafting isles. 

Here are few of the fun things you can expect to find:

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