Glue and Dye


Benji, turned one. I really like the cute onesies that have the cute "Happy Birthday - I'm ONE" but they are expensive{like $9} and really... can I put it on him when he is 18 months.... no.

So I made one.

I drew what I wanted on some freezer paper and I drew it in black so I could see it through the onesie.
Then I used the CLEAR Tacky Glue. I haven't tried the white glue but have read that it doesn't work with white glue, and that it has to be clear. {I'm not sure if that is right but it's what I read}
I don't know if you can see it really clear, but then I traced my design with the glue onto my oneis.I used a onesie that I already had. I let mine dry over night. I wanted to make sure it was completely dry, and I did this part at 11:00pm, and I wasn't going to wait.
Then I used a fabric dye and followed the directions on the package.
The color is going to come out a lot darker when it's in the dye.
Then start rinsing. And as you rinse rub your fingers across where the glue was and it will start coming off.
All the glue should just come right off, keep rubbing and rinsing until it does.
 Then wash and dry according to the dye directions to set the color.
Happy Birthday my Benji!! {and at a total cost of $4.75}

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Karena said...

I love this! Simple and fun.

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