Canvas Alternative


I have recently gotten on a "making my own artwork" kick.  I have purchased several canvases while they are on sale, but there are a few projects out there that may call for canvas that you could use this alternative.  I used this for my Paint Swatch Mosaic, my Chalkboard Art, and I also used it on my From Broken Dresser, to New Console Table.

Yes it is, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard).  It's hard, sturdy, Home Depot will cut it for you, and it's only $6.39 for a 1/4" 24"x48" piece.  You could get a lot of smaller projects or a few large projects out of a piece that size.  Although the textile looks more like cardboard, it really is wood, so you can stain it too.

I will still use canvases with the right projects, but when I can...I will use my new love, Fiberboard!

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