Over the past two weeks I have been cranking out several little projects.  Most of them have to do with Christmas.  However, since we are expecting our third little girl around the beginning of February, I have also been attempting to get our home in order for that big event.  That means I've been organizing, rearranging, and quilting.  Yep, I'm making three new quilts (which will be going on beds) for all of our little girls, and that doesn't include the blankets I'm trying to get finished for my husband and myself for Christmas.  I know, I can't explain why I'm doing this to myself.  But, like I said, I'm slowly chipping away at the amount of work that sits before me and I thought I'd give you a little preview as to what I've been doing.  (More to come next week!)

One of the first projects on my list was: 
Christmas Jammies
Last year I decided that I always wanted at least one of my kids gifts to be handmade.  I know they won't appreciate it at this age, or any age for that matter, but for my own sake I wanted to start getting into that habit.  What better way to accomplish that than by making them some fun little jammies that they can open the night before Christmas (a family tradition of mine growing up).
Lucky for me I was able to find all of the flannel for their pajama bottoms on sale and the tops where only $3.50 a piece at Walmart.  SCORE!!  I wanted the tops to coordinate with the bottoms, so I decided to embellish them using some good ol' Heat n' Bond.  I was able to use the larger flower from the greenish flannel print and the other little flowers where from some scrap fabric that I had on hand.
They turned out exactly as I envisioned and I can't wait to see my girls running around the house Christmas morning in their new, one of a kind, pajamas.
Next on the list:
Burp Cloths
Actually these were never on my list to begin with., but I had some flannel to spare and this was the only practical project I could come up with.  Plus, I only have one that is this style and size and it's my husband's favorite to use.  So, I decided to make a few extra just for him. 
I didn't have enough ric-rac to go all the way around  these two, and since I wasn't about to fun to the store fro some I just added two little strips on the top and bottom.  Simple, but effective.
This piece of flannel came from my first pair of botched pajama bottoms.  I don't like to use patterns and sometimes I suffer the consequences of that.  However, I was really excited to have the chance to make some new burp cloths for our up and coming little lady.  Lemons out of lemonade folks!

Stay tuned for more projects that are slowly coming off of my Christmas and pre-baby to do lists.

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