Envelope Pillow Cover


I was so sick and tired of the pillows in my family room.  Drove me crazy.  So boring and blended into the sofa way too much.  There were 3 options.
  1. I could keep them and get over it
  2. I could buy new pillows
  3. I could make new pillows
I decided the later, but I didn't want to buy three new pillow form because it can add up fast.  So, I decided to make pillow covers.  I fell in love with this orange fabric the I found at JoAnn's Fabric.  Then all I had to do was make them.  It was so easy, very cost effective, and the end result was just what I wanted.  This project only cost me $8 dollars, with most pillows running over $20 a piece...I think this is a much better solution.

I used an awesome tutorial that I found and it gave perfect instructions.  You can see the YouTube video here.

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