Card Board Creations


Isn't it great when you come to discover that your kids love playing with a card board box more than any store bought toy.  A few weeks ago my girls and I discovered just how fun a plain card board box can be.
When I had originally made this little "house" for my girls I simply taped two boxes together, cut out some windows, then a door, and had two happy little girls on my hands.
When I pulled it out from storage to be played with again, I thought I would be fun to add a few embellishments.  So, I pulled out their kitchen, camping chairs, some books and baskets, and then let their little imaginations run wild.
While I sat watching them play my own imagination took off.  I decided that their little home needed some "homey" touches. So, I cut up an old sheet and used some ribbons and push pins to hang up some curtains.  Then, we hung up some art work thanks to some old Ensigns we had on hand.  Finally we added a bench with a vase full of flowers.
The place was really looking like something you would find on the Parade of Homes.  However, it was the idea of my oldest daughter to open the box up and create a wider space to live in.  After all who really wants to live in a box.
With my help we opened everything up.  Their little home was finished complete with a gourmet kitchen, a sitting room and reading room, and a pleasant little entryway.  Not bad for and afternoon of play which lasted a full two days.  It would have lasted much longer than that, but by the morning of the third day I was ready to have my living room back to normal.
What card board creations have you come up with lately?


Unknown said...

That is adorable. I love the pictures. How did you make the little curtains?

joshua54 said...

Wonderful post! Appreciable work and must say that you really did a great job. Loved your ideas and surely want to try them for my little niece who has started going to a local Phoenix pre-k. Very happy to see her active and attentive.

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