Entry Table Update


We moved to Texas a little over a year ago.  While we love the size of this house, it was lacking in storage...namely a coat closet.  So we purchased this entry table from Ikea.  It's perfect because you have 8 compartments.  We bought some baskets for the kids shoes and the upper cubbies we used for the kids to put their schoolwork.  But it was the first thing you saw when you walked into the house.  It needed a facelift.

Project #1
This one was pretty straight forward.  I simply printed of our wedding date.  (Yes, you are seeing it right!  We got married the day after Christmas)  Take a candlestick and a picture frame and glue it together.  Very easy.

Project #2
Again, pretty simple.  I took the other candlestick and added a glass container to the top with some gorilla glue.  I had purchased some wooden balls and I painted them the colors I wanted.  I filled it with the ball and some floral arrangement fillers I got from Michaels.

The End Result
I obviously purchased a new picture of the Salt Lake Temple.  I got it at Deseret Book.  They were no longer making them, so I got it on clearance for 70% off.  It was a steal and it was the perfect colors.  Now, if only I wasn't renting and could paint the wall a different color.

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