Summer Bucket List


We are in the process of moving back to Utah (YIPEE!) right now, so things are getting a little crazy. All of the fun that I wanted to kick off summer with seems to be taking a back seat. My poor kids seem to already have cabin fever and we aren't even a week into summer! As soon as we are settled in back at home I hope to have the summer fun in full swing! I found a "Summer Bucket List" on pinterest and kind of modified it to make it more applicable to me and my kids. I want to check off this list and hope it gives you some ideas for an awesome summer break!!

Summer Bucket List
*Picnic at the park
*Find all the constellations in the sky
*Have a water fight
*Go on a photo walk
*Feed the ducks
*Try a new food
*Play frisbee
*Scenic drive
*Homemade ice cream
*Art museum
*Sidewalk chalk art
*Nature hike
*Create an obstacle course
*Visit a new park
*24th of July event
*Write a book or short story
*Eat watermelon
*Road trip
*Drive-in or backyard movie
*Visit a place with trains
*Fly a kite
*Wade in a river
*Attend an outdoor play
*Homemade popsicles
*Friendship bracelet
*Scavenger hunt
*Ice skating
*Roast marshmallows
*Water balloons
*Tell a ghost story
*Visit the farmer's market
*Summer scrapbook
*Make a cardboard city
*Concert in the park
*Water ski
*Book club
*Sleep outside
*Plant something
*Lemonade stand
*Take a picture everyday for the entire summer
*Wash the car by hand
*Attend a county fair
*Climb a tree
Happy Summer!


Unknown said...

What a great list! A cardboard city sounds like a lot of fun!

G Luvlee said...

I can always find a great idea for my grandkids here! Please see my blog for a reference to you.

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