Give Thanks


I am sure you have all been feeling thankful! I know I have been, and the holiday season is in full swing around here. I made this banner last year and was super excited to hang it up. I saw the idea at a friend's home in Texas, and kind of gave my own spin to it (she used leaves instead of squares to back her letters, I like the geometric look instead). I am not one for turorials (sorry). I don't like to follow them, and I certainly don't like to write them! So, here is a basic idea of what I did....
First of all, it is all made out of felt. I bought some brown felt off of the bolt since the 8x10 sheets would be too small. Then I bought a few different fall colors in the 8x10 sheets for the backing and letters. Then I just measured how big I wanted it to be, cut them to size, and then sewed the top of the brown felt so I could run a string through it. I cut everything else how I wanted and used my sewing machine to sew them on in contrasting colors. Feel free to do what you want in attaching them, it really just depends on the texture and style you want. I hot glued the circles and letters on to make it easier. As for the letters, I just blew up a font on my computer and used them as a template in cutting them out. It really was simple, just use your imagination! It could say anything you want as well, "thankful" "harvest" etc. I hope to make a Happy Birthday one soon for my children's birthdays in the spring/summer. I hope you like this idea! Anything is great with felt, I just love the stuff!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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