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About Camie
Through the miracle of adoption and the techniques of modern medicine my husband and I have been blessed with three little girls (the first two being a mere eight months apart). My children are a great source of inspiration to many of my creative ideas and they are also the reason I don't get to all of my projects as soon as I would like to.
I pride myself on being frugal and enjoy being able to use that frugality to spice things up. I love making my house a home and knowing I did it for a bargain. No matter how small the budget, you can make your home beautiful.

About Karena
I have always been creative minded.  From the time I was little I loved to write short stories and poems, to draw, and make things with my hands (anything).  As I got older, I got into the scrapbooking world.  As time went on, I reluctantly began teaching myself how to digital scrapbook, but was hooked almost immediately.  I loved the creative outlet I had been missing for so many years.  It also ignited my old passions for writing, sewing, as well as a desire to seek out new ones.
I can't seem to get enough of quilting, sewing, writing, painting, and finding innovative ways to share the gospel with my three boys and baby girl.  I love finding beautiful and unique ways to beautify my home and to discover and cultivate new talents.  Most of all, I love that I have this blog to share with my sister and my good friend, so that I can share my creative side with them and see theirs as well.

I am a Southern Utah girl who is finding her way in Texas! As a mother of three children, and wife to the most amazing man in the world, my to do list can get pretty long. I enjoy finding manageable solutions to help me enjoy my journey a little more (and actually help me check off that list). If I happen to spray some paint or Mod Podge something along the way, even better! I find so much satisfaction in creating something new.
My Grandma Rae is my inspiration for all things colored, thrifted, sewn, made new, re-purposed and just plain wonderful. She is the one that instilled in me to always try, I could make anything beautiful, and that I could do it myself. I am always looking for simple ways to enhance my little corner of the world! More importantly, I am looking for moments when I can teach my children the gospel, read to them on a lazy afternoon, or take a trip down the slip and slide.

Growing up I wanted to climb the corporate ladder and see my name on the letter head of a huge company. After we had kids it all changed. Now I am continually learning the ropes to being a homemaker. And as the mother of 4 boys I am also climbing trees and digging in the dirt. I am a homeschooling mom and I try to be as crafty as I possibly can so I have an excuse to do some "girly" things.
My family is the most important thing and am happy that I get to stay at home and raise my crazy brood. I am a Domestic CEO, a title that I am proud to hold.
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