"Felt" the Spirit


Felt stories and flannel boards is something I always remember from my primary experience growing up. These are great for FHE, but have you ever thought to take them to church? You could easily make a small flannel board or you can stick it on the back of the pew. That's right, if your pews are the ones that have the fabric on the back, the felt will stick.

There are places you can buy LDS felt stories for, well, not cheap. This is a time to be creative! Felt is a very cheap fabric. You can find free images all over the net. An iron and some iron on paper and vuala! Just make sure not to make your peices small because they don't work as well.

Or you can always copy the images onto cardstock and laminate them. The kids love playing with them as well.

The story on Noah is a good place to start! Click here!

I also found this awesome tree of life clip art here!
And some for the First Vision. Sorry that they aren't on one page.

  • Click here for the images of Joseph speaking to his preacher, reading the scriptures, and praying.
  • Click here for Joseph looking up at Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
  • Click here for the images of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
  • And click here for the image of the sacred grove!

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