Easy puzzle craft


School is out for Christmas break..... Need a quick easy craft for the kids to do?

What you need:
some large popsicle sticks.... the tongue depressor type.
Masking tape

Put the sticks side by side and then tape them together. Here are 7 together but you can add more and make a longer puzzle.
Flip the sticks over and color on the the non-taped side.

Using markers makes is really easy for even young ones to do this, they don't have to press so hard.
When you are done with your masterpiece, take the tape off the back and mix the pieces up and put it back together.

This would be something fun to do for Christmas cards/little gifts. Write Merry Christmas on it and let the kids decorate it and how fun for the recipient to open it up and have something fun to put together. {Ooooo, this would be fun for the kids to send to their cousins!}

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