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While I was working on my own quilt, I decided that I wanted to make quilts for each of my children for Christmas this year.  I quickly discovered that I would never have enough time to make 3 quilts.  I wanted to do something that was easy and looked good.  I saw this idea on Crafting Chicks, and just had to do it!  She did it for a baby blanket, but I wanted mine bigger something my kids would be able to use for several years.

Tie quilts are very easy, but I have never been a fan of them.  After a few years, the yarn starts looking really sad and I personally hate laying on a bunch of knots.  This was a great solution for me.

I took all the kids to the fabric store and I let them all pick out their patterned fabric.  Yep, no surprise present, but they loved picking out the fabric and keep asking if they REALLY had to wait until Christmas to get their blanket.  Here are the two that I have finished.

It was super easy.  All I needed to do was buy a backing fabric that had some sort of geometric guide.  This minky fabric was perfect.  And because I picked the minky fabric and a flannel for the top, the blanket doesn't need any batting.  I just cut them to the size I wanted, laid them out, pinned them together (right sides out), and sewed.

I did my binding similarly to my previous post, but I made it a lot easier.  I sewed it facing the back fabric, so that it would be rolled over into the front.  Then I top stitched with the machine.

All the boys are so excited to get their blankets, but now I need to do one more.  In a few weeks, I'll find out if I need to pick out girl fabric or more boy fabric!

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Libby said...

Great idea...I love the feel of the minky fabric also. I'll keep this in mind.
The surprize for the kiddos is actually seeing the finished product (and hopefully not having any pins still holding it together with a promise to finish it! Like in my house!)

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