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Does your family ever over schedule because nobody bothers to look at the calender to see what else is going on that day??? It's ok if I'm the only one, but I'm hoping that someone out there has this problem like I do. So using a white board I put up three blank calenders on the one white board so I can always see what is going on.

First a bit of a story.... I home school and was wanting to get a great big white board for our school room so I can do things with all the boys and not have to be looking at an 8.5x11 piece of paper with 4 people staring over it. So I thought a great big white board would be nice. With visions of math problems being solved together and spelling word up all week long, and being able to pick out the nouns and verbs together... I started looking to see how much a white board would be. I seriously fell out of my chair when I saw that they were being sold for $300!!! I know!!! So I was trying to think of an alternative because really.... $300!

Imagine my happiness when I found something I could use at Lowes for.... get this... hang onto your chair... $12!! Yup.... that's it!! $12!!!

What does this have to do with a calender??? Well since it's price was right up my ally I got two. One for the home school room and one for family use.

Get this... the stinky one from an office supply store is an 4x7... the GREAT one from Lowes is 4x8!!! It's HUGE. I got it cut down to 3.5x6 {The best size for the wall, and it needed to fit in the car to get it home} So along with a couple big white boards I also got the extra pieces cut  down so the boys can have individual white boards.

Ok so here we go. Once you have your white board you'll want to make a trip to the office supply store and {giggle as you walk past their over priced stuff} and get some Art Tape. Don't go to Micheal's, I went and their Art Tape is way over priced, and you don't get very much. You also need a yard stick.  

I also got some VisaVisa markers. They are the kind that you use on white board but they don't wipe off like the dry erase markers do. {And with my crazies they like to wipe their grubby paws every where}
Clean off the board and then mark out some spaces, I marked mine out every 2 inches to make 2 inch boxes. When I started I measured over 6 inches and started marking. 2 inches apart for 7 spaces. I put 4 inches between each calender.
Then use the art tape and run across your marks. I ran it all the way across and then used an exaco knife to cut between the calenders. I got two different sizes of Art Tape 1/8" for the inside boxes, and 1/4" for the outside.

I used my label maker and spelled out the days of the week {I can't figure out why this picture is yellow} I had the husband hang it on the wall. Now these are not magnetic, so they are not to heavy... I mean I lifted it so it's pretty light, just akward. Be that as it may, I would still recommend finding the studs to anchor it in.
Then it's time for the fun part.Up goes the month and dates. Everyone get's their own color
There's are three months. Now when January is done, I'll put April up there so we have a rotating 3 month calender .
I love how big it is and I love that I can put what ever I want and everyone sees it. I will put up chores for the boys to see and things that need to be done. I put up info for the babysitter so our info is right there and really big.

We are currently renting our home... if I wasn't I would put the extra effort into putting a nice boarder around it with some baseboard painted black, and distressed a bit. Now that would be pretty!

The BEST part!!! For the two boards, the tape and the VisaVisa markers.....$42! That's it!! {and the markers will work for a long time, and I still have art tape left over for another project.

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Jenny Lynn said...

white board can be so pricey. Yours looks great.

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