Friday's Feature {Mirror Re-do}


I have been following a great blog called Little Momma and Company. She is so creative and pretty I've been trying to decide if I can pull off her bangs.... I'm just sayin'.  I love all her pictures and her ideas. Take a look through her blog and you will see some great recipes and art projects.

Here is a great tutorial that she did on her bathroom mirror. I really don't like the sheet of mirror just put on a wall. Unfortunately for us we are renting and there's not a whole lot I ca do about it. BUT.... when I get a chance I'm doing this!!!
The mirrors that are just stuck up have these raw edges and it's pretty boring.

 Using tumble marble sheets from Lowes {that she got on clearance for $7!!! {can't beat a good deal!}}
She was able to turn a boring bathroom mirror into some thing really nice. And the tiles and the adhesive that she used.... a total of $18!!! You can't beat $18!

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