The "Weevil" truth


Not many want to admit that they have had weevils in their flour. It is pretty gross... And I'll admit that I have found weevils in my flour. I really just cried when I opened my container and saw the little bugs just crawling around.


But there is a way to over come this problem.

I found this website that goes into more detail. But a quick thing that is easy to do is to put your flour in the freezer for 4 days. So right when you bring your flour home stick it in your freezer before putting it on your shelf or in your container pop it in your freezer. It will kill any of the bugs and the larva.

Other natural replants are Bay Leaves, Cloves and Match books {something to do with the sulfur} 

Our food storage is no good if the bugs eat it before we get to. We need to remember to take care of our food as we are storing it.

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Brooke said...

That's a great tip! That's really funny about the match books; I've never heard of that!

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