White Ruffle Skirt


I've been wanting to make my two girls some white skirts for quite awhile now.  I had originally planned on having the girls wear their bustle skirts for Easter, but I changed my mind after I made them these tops.  After falling in love with their little tanks the plan was to have them wear those with the white skirts for Easter.  I finally found the style I wanted and lucky for me it came with this great tutorial.  I did end up taking some liberties on how I put mine together, but I pretty much followed the basic step by step process.

After making the skirts, I changed my mind again and decided I wanted to do some different tops for Easter.  (To be honest, by the time Easter finally rolled around I think I had changed my mind 4 different times.)  I wanted some tops with a bit more pop and decided on these two tanks that I found at Kohl's.  I just love how they have the matching ruffle that the skirt does.
I even made them some matching hair clips.  After changing my mind 4 different times I'm extremely happy with how they looked for church Easter morning.
I'm really loving their new little skirts right now!  I like how springy they feel and I really love how versatile the white can be with so many of their tops. 
 These were so much fun to make.  Because I tweaked some things on my own I ended up doing a ton of unpicking, but I think the final result was worth some of the headache.

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Kylene said...

Dang Cute! I can't wait to have a baby girl then you can help me make all of these cute outfits!

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