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I suppose it's time I come back from my "maternity leave" and start posting some of my projects again.  Although I must admit that the break has been really nice.  It's been a little more difficult to find time to myself with three kids all under the age of three.
These quilts below were a project that was truly a labor of love.  They may look mighty simple, but the flowers in the center gave me a run for my money.  I made these two twin (yes twin size) quilts for each of my girls beds.  Once I new we were expecting another baby I set to work to move our girls into another room and into their own beds.  That, of course, required new bedding and for some unknown reason I decided that I wanted their bedding to be homemade.  Never again :)
 I found the pattern for this quilt in the book
Fresh Impressions by Allison Jane Smith
You can see the pictures and follow the instructions here if you want to make one for yourself. 

The original dimensions for this quilt are 41" X 63", so I had to make my own adjustments to get the full twin size that I wanted. You'll notice that the original pattern has the flower off center, but that really wouldn't work on a bed, so I centered mine. I also wanted these quilts to be something that my girls could grow into and not out of too fast, so I went with more bold and bright colors and steered clear of the pastels.
All in all I'm very happy with how they turned out and how much my girls love them. I guess that's all that matters right!?

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Aunt Suzi Quilts said...

That is so cute! Such a great design.

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