Remodeled Doll House


I know I should have posted this forever ago, but I've been a little busy as of late.  So, as promised the doll house that was handed down to me and then makeover for my girls for Christmas.

I actually decided to keep this very simple and gave the doll house more of a face lift than anything.  Yet, in spite of the simplicity of the doll house and the look I went with this project ended up being a bit more time consuming than I thought it would.  Here are some of the things I did.

First I ripped out all of the wall coverings and flooring and gave the entire thing a new coat of spray paint.  I wanted the "house" to look as "real" as possible, so I went with a nice basic khaki/tan color.  The drawers were missing their door knobs, so I bought some plain wood ones from Walmart and spray painted those the same neutral tan color.  Then, I used some Tacky Spray and Mod Podge to attach the brick scrapbook paper to the sides of the house and the two front drawers.  I used that same process for the interior walls.  I ended up using contact paper for the flooring on the two lower levels and the interior of the drawers and a piece of carpet remnant for the top floor. 
I knew that the top level of the house would be the "playroom" for the girls dolls, so I made a little banner from leftover scrapbook paper and hung that on the walls using Tacky Spray too.  I love the whimsical looks that creates and the pop of color that it adds.
My favorite part of the entire thing is the roof.  I know that sounds silly, but like I said I wanted this thing to look as real as possible.  At first I was going to use real shingles, but a friend quickly reminded me how messy shingles can be.  I didn't like the idea of vacuuming my girls room every evening, so that idea was thrown out the window.  While I was searching for the right color of spray paint I happened to stumble upon Stone spray paint.  This type of spray paint gives any surfaces a stone texture.  It was perfect.  The roof actually looks and feels like a real roof would.  Love it!!
My girls were in heaven when they saw this Christmas morning.  There are still some things that I would like to and need to do before this is 100% complete, but it's good enough for now and my girls absolutely love it.


SheilaE said...

That is really sweet! I know what you mean about projects being more time consuming than planned-always seems to happen.
I wish I still had the dollhouse my parents made me, but I only have boys anyway. Your girls will be lucky to pass this on to their girls some day:)
Happy Spring!
Sheila @ swirlygirldreamsndecor

Jenny Lynn said...

Looks amazing! I am sure your girls will enjoy it.

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