YW Value Necklace {Giveaway}


Yes, it's a giveaway!  What a way to kick off from summer break.  I made these necklaces for my Young Women for Girl's Camp.  As with any jewelry project, there is usually leftover supplies.  So, I made a few extra.  Two I gave to the leaders who came to camp with me.  That was such a huge help.  And then I decided to make one for a giveaway!

This necklace has a each color representing the Young Women Values.  All the beads are generally  the same size, but there are a few different styles within them.  It will come in this clear, screw-top container.

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Giveaway closes September 15th!


Jenny Lynn said...

Very cute necklace! So, I posted it on google +, Twitter and facebook (my like page) Will added to my blog later today.

Lisa said...

I'm one of the young women leaders in my ward and I love your necklace. I know the girls would too. By any chance, do you think you could share the instructions on how to make one?

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