The Creation Mini File Folder Game


I have a new mini file folder game. For those who have 'My gospel ABCs Book', this may look a little familiar. I figured, why not make a file folder game for a little bit older children.

Take a file folder and cut it at the crease. This way I can get two file folder games out of one folder. I also used magnets. I like velcro, but file folder games make it louder than if it's on fabric. I like magnets because they're quiet. I used the magnet roll where you can cut you own size (very cost effective).

Just click on the images (will take you to larger version), right click and copy the images below into photoshop or even a word document and print them off. Cut them out. Paste the filer folder game cover, scripture clue page, and the game board page into the file folder. Cut out the individual Day game pieces and laminate them. Take the file folder to get it laminated at FedEx/Kinkos, Staples, etc. Be sure to fold the file in half and get a really good crease before you get it laminated. Staple a plastic bag to the back to put your pieces in. Hope you like it.


Kjelstrom Family said...

I am having a problem copying and pasting into Word. I copy the image, but it just shows up really small on the document. When I go to expand, it's really blurry. Can you post as a PDF perhaps? Thank you! Any help welcome!

Karena said...

You need to click on the image. It will take you to a larger version of the image. Then right click and copy it from there. On the 3rd image, be sure to flip your word document to landscape so that the dimensions will be right.

If this doesn't work, email me.

Keira said...

I am experiencing the same difficulty and when I click on the image it does not bring up a larger version of the picture :( I don't know how to email you, but I love your mini file folder game and would really like to share it with my class of 3 year olds at church.

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