The Testimony of the Book of Mormon


During the October General Conference, Jeffery R. Holland gave a powerful talk...which was really an amazing testimony of the devinity of The Book of Mormon.  I have always love Elder Holland's talks and I have a strong testimony of Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon, but his message struck me.  It struck us all.  I don't believe that any honest person could deny his resolve and his powerful words when they were spoken.
My posts are geared towards teaching our children, and this is no exception.  I encourage everyone to have a FHE lesson on the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon and to show them this video.  I think that it is imporatnt for our children to see the testimonies of the apostles and prophets, especially one that is geared to an important key of the gospel.

Watch the video, and I know you will enjoy it.

I will be posting a new File Folder Game soon!

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