Quick and Easy Vintage Spiders


I was in the process of cleaning up a project I had just finished when I saw a strip of paper that had been folded accordion style.  I thought it would make a cute little spider leg and so, these little guys were born.  They literally only took 10- 15 minutes to throw together and, once again, they didn't cost me a thing.  I simply used scrap pieces of black scrapbook paper and some more pages from an old book.

For the body of the spider I simply cut out a circle of black paper using decorative scissors.  For the legs of the spider take one page from an old book (the number depends on the number of spiders you want to make) and cut off the blank spaces.  All you want to see are the words.  Then, fold your paper accordion style.  Once you've done that cut the page into 1/4 inch size pieces and start gluing them onto the body of the spider.
Then, using a small pin, I put a whole in the center of the spiders body and inserted some twine to make a "spider web".  Make sure you tie a knot at the bottom end of the twine.
And, you're done.  See, I told you they were easy.  Wouldn't this be a fun little craft for your kids to put together. I have them hanging from my shelves and think they add the perfect touch.  Next year I'm going to make a few more and have them hanging from a few of my lamps and fireplace mantle. 

Love Notes by Lauryn

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So fun and so simple! I'd love for you to link them here:


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