Star Wars Birthday Ideas


My son is a big Star Wars fan. So, when it was time to plan his birthday party, the decision was a very simple one.  I did some searching and came up with some simple and fun things.

There were so many cute ideas out there.  I saw several like this, but the text was never right, so I made my own.  I had so many moms tell me how clever it was and how their kids loved reading it over and over.  It was SOOOO easy.  All I did was download the Star Wars font for FREE and added the starry background behind the words.  Then, I just printed 4x6 prints at Costco (if you do this, Costco has an option to add a white border.  I always do this to prevent anything being cropped accidentally.).  I printed 35 invites for and about $5!
You can copy the text below.

. . . not too long from now, in a galaxy
not too far away . . .

Star Wars

There has been a disturbance in the force. Young Padawan, birthday child’s name, who has reached the age of 7, has been called by the Jedi Council to seek out future Jedi.  Master Yoda is urging the younglings to complete their training in order to defeat the rising Sith throughout the galaxies.

Each Padawan’s presence is requested to complete their Jedi training on date of party. Training will take place on Coruscant at the Jedi Temple’s outdoor training facility, also known as location or address. Training will run from party time. After which the trained Jedi will receive the rank of Master and may return to their home planet to protect their people from the Sith threat.

Padawans will be learning all the skills required to become a Jedi Master, including how to construct their own lightsaber, so all other lightsabers must remain on their home planet.

Please advise the Jedi Council member, your name, as soon as possible as to whether each Padawan will accept or not accept their training, by phoning phone number, so that the proper amount of lightsaber parts may be available.

May The Force Be With You!

I normally make my own cake or cupcakes, but my skills are definitely limited.  I went to Walmart to order a cake, but I wasn't impressed with their Star Wars cake.  So, to save money and make the cake more fun, I ordered a plain decorated cake.  I just told them what I wanted and decided to put on my own toppers.  With all the Star Wars toys out there, the ideas are limitless.  This is how our's turned out.

Building their own lightsaber!  I got this idea from At Second Street, but I made a few tweaks.  She said that her lightsabers ran about $2 a piece.  I did mine a little differently and they ran more like $3.50 a piece, but these were the kid's party favors and I wanted them to be good.  Here's what you need for this project.

  • 1 1/4" PVC Pipe (each piece cut to 10 in)
  • 1 1/4" PVC Pipe Caps
  • 1 1/4"x 6 ft Pipe Insulation (each piece cut to 2 ft)
  • 4 ft Wooden Dowels that fit inside Pipe Insulation (each piece cut to 2 ft)
  • Gray Duct Tape
  • Colored Duct Tape (found at Target in Home Improvement Section or Michael's)
  • Blue Painters Tape
  • Black Electrical Tape
  • Black Sharpie
I decided to have the lightsaber handles done before the party to save time.  This helped a lot!  I started by putting the cap onto the pipe.  You don't need any glue because the duct tape holds everything in place.  I covered the top of the cap and then covered the pipe lengthwise.  I tried wrapping, but it wasted a lot of tape.
At the party, each child was able to personalize their handle with black electrical tape and a black Sharpie.  The kids loved this part and got really creative.  Being 6 and 7 year olds, they would tell us what they wanted and we did the electrical tape for them, but they were able to add things with the Sharpie on their own.

The kids could then choose their own color.  We had blue, green, red, and purple to choose from.  To do this, you need to place the wooden dowel in side the pipe insulation.  Adding the dowel gives it stability.  They were still plenty soft for the kids to play with.  I did these the same way I did the handles, by going down the length of the insulation.  By doing this, you are taping the dowel inside.  I added a little reinforcing by wrapping around the top and bottom (this was more necessary with the blue painters tape because it wasn't as sturdy as the duct tape).  Then you slide the lightsaber into the handle a few inches and let them at it.
Make sure you have some extra adult helpers.  My husband, another parent, and myself all worked on the lightsabers.  If we had more kids, we would've had a mob on our hands.  But, all in all, I was SO happy that we did this.  It was a great time filler and the kids loved it.  Side Story- There was a family having a picnic at the park and there was a boy with them who was very intrigued by our building these lightsabers.  He came up to me and asked, "Excuse me.  Can I have one?"  I asked, "Are you here for the birthday?"  "No.  My name is Luke."  My eyes got big and I said, "Like Luke Skywalker!"  How could I deny Luke a lightsaber.  I was lucky that I had a few extra.

Afterward, we did a Jedi training.  We kept it simple, showing them some techniques, but then guess who showed up?
My husband went back to pick up the cake and ice cream...and dress up as Darth Vader.  I love that my son's birthday is near Halloween.  It makes stuff like this so much easier.  So, you can tell what he's going to be for Halloween this year!  And if you couldn't tell, I was dressed up as a Jedi Master with whatever I could find around the house.

Afterwards, the kids kept plenty busy with playing all over the park with their lightsabers.

Party Favors
Along with their lightsabers, each child received this certificate, signed by Master Yoda himself (with a cool free font I got).  I printed them off at Costco in an 8x10 for about $1.50 a piece.
I got this form from Jessica G, she had made these for her son's birthday party in 2009.  She was allowing people to print the files for free, but unfortunately, she lost the original pdf file and her son's name, the year 2009, and a misspelling were still on the certificate.  I must say, I LOVE Photoshop Elements.  It was a snap to fix and I have the blank file for you to print.  I just wanted to be sure that I gave full credit for her work.


{leah} said...

Karena!! Tommy just decided that he wanted a Star wars birthday... we are doing this so thank you so much for the free printable!!!!

Nuria said...

How did you get the invitation done? What program did you use to make the picture?

stevenjared0853 said...

Star wars is a popular theme for kid’s parties and you’ve shared amazing ideas to arrange a party with this theme. My brother is such a huge fan of the franchise that he has even asked for some Star Wars inspired decorations for his wedding reception party, which will be this weekend at one of the famous wedding venues Los Angeles.

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