Hidden Treasure


Guess what I just remembered I had stuffed away in storage....this beauty.  Honestly, I've had this in a closet for about 8 years and realized it only last night.  What a waste.  Luckily, it has been found and can be put to good use.
I made the top portion of this quilt about a year after I graduated from high school.  It was intended to hang on my Mom's living room wall (which it did for a short time).  However, I never got around to finishing the back and binding and my mom changed her interior decor, so it was given to me shortly after I got married.  Since I didn't have a sewing machine at the time it went away into storage.  Until today.
Now for the fun part.  What do I do with it.  Obviously I'm going to finish it, but I'm torn on what I want to do for the back.  Do I just go with a soft fleece and use that for the binding, or should I stick with a traditional quilt look do a strip quilt (or something like that) on the back.  Well, whatever I end up doing I am super excited to have found this little treasure and promise to show the finished results with you.  Hopefully before another 5-10 years pass by.

*Take a minute to think of some fun things that you could have hidden away just waiting to be worked on.  Don't forget to share your finds with us.


Jenny Lynn said...

I recall seeing this quilt top. The colors are very country, which I think makes for a fun picnic quilt. Look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Karee said...

Have you decided what to do? For a little "sass" on the back perhaps you could add signature blocks or hand print blocks, they are good measures of time passing. Signatures are written differently as children grow up and hands certainly grow. This is a quilt that has measured time. Keep it going.
And I would do a great stipple FMQing so it can be well loved and endure through the years.

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