Hang it Straight


We've all seen them.  Pictures that are spanned over 2, 3, 4, or more canvases.  I found this painting on Esty and I fell head over heels.  So, for Christmas, guess what my present was!

I quickly put hangers on the back and attempted to hang it.  I hung the middle one first because I knew that would make it easier to hang the rest.  However, I found that hanging the other two was harder than I thought.  Trying to get them at the right height and spacing was a challenge.  After a lot of time and a lot of holes in the wall later, I finally had them all up.  A few hours later, I noticed that the middle one was tilted off center.  I straightened it, just to see it slide into a skewed position again.  Frustrating...so I got these!

Now these won't work for every picture.  Mine are canvas, so they are lightweight.  Pictures with glass will be heavier.  But these have made it so much easier.  It's great because they have a velcro type material which is stronger than their sticky version.  Plus, they are reusable.  If you put up your picture and find that you're a little off, you can take it off and reapply it.  Making my pictures level and the perfect spacing was a snap.

These would also be great for picture collages.  I used them to hang my Paint Swatch Mosaic because the board was too thin to attach a hanger.  Love these so much.

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