Easy Flip-Flops!


Do you remember this post?

Well the looked easy enough so I pulled out my stash of supplies and put together a pair.

 I bought this pair of flip at the dollar store. {I love the dollar store!!!!}
Cut the straps off....
And find some cute fabric {I actually had bought this at JoAnn's from their pre-cut squares}

Ok... and here is where I forgot to take some pictures so I'll do my best to explain.

Cut the fabric into 2 - 18"x 2.5" {ish} PER SHOE - I didn't have a ruler to measure, so I just eyeballed it. Take the 2 strips together and put them through the toe hole.
Tie a knot
And then pull it back down and cut the little extra off. If you want you can use some hot glue and glue it down.

Ok... here I forgot again to take some pictures {sorry}

After you tie the first knot on the bottom of the shoe put it on and gauge where you want to tie another knot. You'll put them together and tie one knot.... and then another {see the picture at the bottom}

While you still have it on push one strip on each side, and tie another knot.
 It's ok pull them a little tight because the fabric will stretch a bit.
And tie more knots, again you can hot glue these if you want.
I think they turned out really cute. And they were seriously so easy!! I did this while I had 6 kids running around my house.

So go and make a couple pairs... this would be fun for mom's and daughters to do and have matching flip-flops.

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