Friday Feature {Apron in a Jar} and Link Party


I know there are many that are away from family during Thanksgiving. There is not enough time given off from work and school to travel really far. When my husband was in the military we often went to different houses for this holiday or had people come to our house. One year someone brought me a gift because I was the host. {honestly at that point I thought hostess gifts were something they only did on TV....} So now, when I go somewhere I try to bring a gift.

Here is a really easy gift idea from PLEASANT HOME. It's so easy and so thoughtful. {and it can double as a great Christmas gift}
You can make or buy an apron and roll it up and put it in a canning jar, and then put a favorite recipe with it.

Quick.... Easy....Thoughtful!

Head on over to PLEASANT HOME to see the recipe that she put with her jar.

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