Monogram Frame with Felt Flowers


This project was created using things that I already had on hand.  However, it wouldn't cost very much or take that a long time to make.  All you will need to create a similar look is:

Old frame that you have lying around
Wooden letter
Paint for you letter
Ribbon, for embellishing
Felt for flowers
Mod Podge or Tacky Spray
Piece of fabric, orvintage paper from an old book, or scrapbook paper
Hot glue gun

I decided that I wanted to use a piece of scrap fabric that I had found at the fabric store which has the Gettysburg Address on it.  I'm a big lover of the civil war era and Abraham Lincoln, so this was a perfect fit for me.  First, I cut out a piece of fabric for the backing and then an additional piece for the mat of the frame.  I made sure the I cut my pieces as identical as I could so that the Address would be continuous.
Then using Mod Podge (or Tacky Spray) I went ahead and place the pieces of fabric onto the inside and mat of the frame.  I didn't like having the mat sit directly on the inside of the frame so I ended up using scrapbooking dots to have it poke out a little.
Then, I painted my letter H and used some hot glue to place it in the center of the frame.  I also placed some decorative ribbon around the edge pf the mat to help hind the raw edges of the fabric.  Once I had everything in place I made a few felt flowers from some extra felt I had lying around and placed them in the corner to add a little color and texture.
Not bad for something that I ended up throwing together with nothing but leftovers from other projects.  Now go and rummage through your stash of crafting supplies and see what fun things you can come up with.  And, if you're daring enough you can email us your ideas and we can link them back to this post to share with everyone else.

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