Kid's Picture Ornaments 2011


Okay, these were super fast, super easy, super cheap, and they're adorable.  Every year I'm making different types of ornaments for each of my kids.  Last year, I made Christmas Block Ornaments with Camie.  This year, I was inspired by the Backpack ID Tags.  I simply bought some 2"x3" rectangular wood pieces from Hobby Lobby (they also have them at Michaels), printed off their photos on my printer, inked the edges, Mod Podged, and clipped on a paper clip.  I did add some scrapbook paper to the back as well, but you don't have to because no one will see it.  You can also add some scrapbook paper to the paperclips like I did on my Mini Clipboards, but (for now) I kind of like the simpleness of the black.  Then I hung them next to their Alpha Ornaments.

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